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2014-26-05 effective February 9, 2015. This AD was prompted by reports of fuel leaks due to fuel cells that did not properly fit in Model G58 airplanes. This AD requires inspecting for and replacing, as necessary, certain fuel cells. This AD also requires inspecting and replacing parts, as necessary, of the left and right fuel system installations and correcting torques on fuel system fittings; and prohibits future installations of certain fuel cells. PDF ---------------------- SEE ALSO

: This AD affects certain models in the 300/400 series and involves replacement and repetitive inspection of hardware securing the elevator trim push-pull rod. This AD goes into affect on April 26, 2016.  ( --------------------- SEE ALSO


2014-15-18 Fuselage, Stabilizer Attach Fittings. Models M20C, M20E, M20M, M20R, and M20TN. PDF ------------------ SEE ALSO


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2016-08-18. PA-31-350 (Navajo) airplanes. This AD was prompted by a report of an engine fire caused by a leak in the fuel pump inlet hose. This AD requires inspecting the fuel hose assembly and the turbocharger support assembly for proper clearance between them, inspecting each assembly for any sign of damage, and making any necessary repairs or replacements.  AD 2017-02-06

2016-07-21 This ad affects certain Piper PA-28 models and requires inspection of the right wing rib. This AD goes into effect on April 26, 2016. ( ---------- SEE ALSO


Propeller Governor – Idler Gear Shaft Set Screw - Lycoming Engines;Textron Lycoming^ AVCO Corporation. Engine models: O, IO, LIO, AIO, AEIO-320 Series; O, LO, IO, LIO, AIO, AEIO, TO, TIO-360 Series; O, IO, AEIO, TIO, LTIO-540 Series; IO-580 Series; and IO-720 series. PDF

LYCOMING ENGINES: 2015-19-07. Fuel Injected Reciprocating Engines PDF ------------------ SEE ALSO


2014-05-29. Continental Motors, Inc. Reciprocating Engines With Superior Air Parts, Inc. (SAP) Cylinder Assemblies Installed. PDF -------------- SEE ALSO

December, 2019. Slick Mag SB2-19A PDF





JET FUEL: Engine Fuel and Control - Semi-Synthetic Jet Fuel - Jet Fuel. Revised Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) NE-11-56R2, May 19, 2016. This SAIB advises that jet fuel made from the following synthetic blending components that meet the requirements of ASTM International Standard D7566 are acceptable for use on aircraft and engines certificated for operation with D1655 Jet A or Jet A-1 jet fuel if they are re-identified as D1655 fuel:

  • Fischer Tropsch synthesized isoparaffinic kerosene (FT-SPK), •

  • Hydroprocessed fatty acid esters and fatty acids (HEFA), •

  • Synthesized isoparaffins (SIP), •

  • Fischer Tropsch synthesized kerosene with aromatics (FT-SKA), and •

  • Alcohol to jet (ATJ).

  • When D7566 jet fuels are re-identified as D1655 fuel, they meet all the specification requirements of D1655 fuel